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Sleep Apnea: Treatment Through Oral Appliances

Many patients with treatable sleep apnea either completely avoid getting diagnosed or get diagnosed and stop treatment because they absolutely hate CPAP machine treatment and have been told it is the only treatment available. And we understand why. Although the development of these machines have come a long way over the years to become more comfortable, less noisy and bulky, and easier to travel with, at the end of the day they are still a lot to deal with. But, the good news is they are no longer the only treatment option available for you when it comes to treating your sleep apnea symptoms.

At our offices we use ProSomnus EVO Sleep Technologies. ProSomnus EVO Therapy helps you get a restful night of sleep without noisy machines, masks, or hoses. It’s the least intrusive, most comfortable, patient preferred therapy to treat your sleep apnea and snoring symptoms. First, you’ll meet with one of our ProSomnus EVO Sleep Dentists at one of our convenient Southern California locations. Then you’ll take home a sleep test. A convenient, easy to use sleep test will determine whether or not you have sleep apnea. Next, you’ll get fitted for a custom ProSomnus EVO device. One of our providers will take impressions, fit you for a cutting-edge device, and instruct you on usage, care and maintenance. And that’s it! It’s that easy.

ProSonmus Frequently Asked Questions

How Does ProSomnus EVO Work?

Wearing the Mouthguard-like device helps hold your lower jaw gently forward which in turn helps open the airway. This helps the air flow more easily.

When Should I Wear It?

It only needs to be worn at night when sleeping.

What Does the Sleep Test Entail?

Most of the time it’s done in your home. It gathers data while you sleep so our physicians can diagnose whether or not you have sleep apnea. They are easy and comfortable. Nothing to worry about.

Are the Devices Comfortable?

Since they are custom-made to fit your mouth our patients find them very comfortable.

Does ProSomnus EVO Help with Snoring, Too?

Yes! Most patients report their snoring has completely stopped since getting fitted with a ProSomnus EVO device.

How Do I Care for my ProSomnus EVO Device?

They can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

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    Oral Appliance Therapy is a front-line approach to treating sleep apnea, especially for those who find themselves intolerant to CPAP machine treatment. Even though the machines have come a long way in terms of noise, bulkiness and mask size, they can still make sleep  impossible for some. And when it comes to traveling with a CPAP machine, few things are more of a pain.

    You may be asking yourself, so, what exactly is oral appliance therapy? Oral appliance therapy involves the selection, fitting and use of a specially designed oral appliance that helps to maintain an open, unobstructed airway in the throat that is to be worn during sleep. Basically, it involves the use of an oral appliance similar to a sports mouthguard that we custom-fit to your mouth that is to be worn just during sleep. This oral appliance keeps your jaw in just the right position to keep your airway open and free of obstructions during sleep. So you can say goodbye to snoring and to gasping for air several times a night while you try to rest.


    Advantages of Oral Appliance Therapy 

    • Comfortable, easy to wear
    • Easy to get used to wearing the oral appliance
      • Where CPAP machines take weeks to get used to (if ever), most patients hardly notice their oral appliance after just a few days
    • Small and convenient to travel with (fits in a small case just like a sports mouthguard)
    •  Non-invasive treatment
    • Silent, no plug or access to power needed
    • No tubes or attachment to a machine needed
    • Can sleep in any position that is comfortable to you and still wear your oral appliance comfortably